Becky Graham

Founder & Chief Solutionist at GenYize

Becky Graham is the consummate entrepreneur and creative social pundit. Her skills come from a long and varied career history, ranging from working in TV journalism, renewable energy and distributed infrastructure coordination, construction management, media relations and training, event planning, community relations and programming, brand awareness, client management and digital marketing, just to mention a few. Did we mention she's under 30?

Becky is fixated on empowering the younger generations to seize their future and change what has been ill-defined, miscalculated, misappropriated, misguided and generally abused by prior generations.

As the founder of GenYize, she helps to break down intergenerational barriers and creates an atmosphere for communication and collaboration. 

@BeckyLeeGraham | Email

Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Ghandi