Since November, the United States has been free of the Ebola Virus. However, Ebola is still ravaging certain countries, including Sierra Leone.

For over seven months the Ebola Virus has spread throughout Sierra Leone and continues to impact the country today. Just yesterday, the CDC issued a media release announcing that Ebola is still spreading rapidly in Sierra Leone and an intense effort is required to end it.

In an effort to combat the spread of the virus, authorities in Sierra Leone imposed a 'lockdown,' in which people were not allowed to leave their homes for three days this September. The government then went on to ban public Christmas and New Years Eve gatherings for fear of the virus spreading. Constraints like this have led to panic buying, which has caused food shortages and price surges in Sierra Leone.

It was during this time that Memuna Janneh, decided to help with the food shortage by providing meals for people in Sierra Leone. Janneh started 'LunchBoxGift,' which delivers nutritious meals to Ebola patients and health workers in Sierra Leone. During a country-wide lockdown in September, LunchBoxGift's 12-person team prepared and delivered 2,600 freshly cooked meals to Ebola patients and frontline healthcare workers.

Janneh has since launched the #GiveAMeal fundraiser, on the crowdfunding platform Her goal is to raise enough money to provide 50,000 meals over the next couple of months.

This fundraiser runs through Christmas Day, so time is running out. If you want to give back this holiday season and aren't sure how to do so, this is a great way to do so. Click here to #GiveAMeal now.
AuthorKyle McCarthy