As the new year sweeps in, perhaps with champagne bubbles and the odd midnight kiss, many of us are left contemplating the year that’s passed. 

In 2014, Becky Graham launched GenYize to empower Millennials and guide their growth, professionally and personally. As the editor of GenYize, it’s been thrilling to watch how this project has grown and blossomed and in the new year we want to encourage you to be a Solutionist. 

A Solutionist is someone who refuses to be part of the problems that continue to plague our generation and instead seeks a way to actively work around these issues and find a solution. 

Millennials are tough. We’ve survived a disastrous economic depression, a polarized political process, terrible job prospects and somehow we’re still dismissed as entitled, lazy narcissists. It’s up to us, as a generation, to revitalize our world so no one can deny our value.

This has been a challenging year for Millennials, from social upheaval to the continued hardship of finding a job. 

However, it’s important you keep going- if last year wasn’t your year, this one can be. GenYize is here to offer you mentorship, information and thought-provoking insights as you continue your path. 

In 2015, allow yourself to have a fulfilling life. Sometimes it seems like life is an uphill climb, but even if you can’t see the pinnacle, it’s up to you whether or not you’ll persist. In the coming year, we’re excited to bring you new content and features to help you become a Solutionist. 

I wish you a safe and happy new year, stay tuned for more updates!

AuthorBecky Graham