The other night I was having dinner with friends and talking about things I been doing, like attending Meetup events, learning more about Lean Startup principles, #DCtech, datelytics, and the whole startup culture. As the conversation continued, they became more interested in the startup scene and wanted to learn more.

I started thinking of my first time in the startup scene and remembered how difficult it was to figure everything out without a guide, even though there was tons of information out there. Yet that’s the problem: so much info with articles being too broad or detailed, and you want the basic idea so you can go out to a meetup and not look like a fool. Well here are a few tips to before you jump into the deep end:

  • Google the Lean Startup movement. You will hear this term a lot when attending events, conversations and wantrepreneurs talking about it.
  • Sign up for Startup Digest. This website curates a lot of news about local startups and big named companies.
  • Learn to love coffee. After connecting with new people at networking events, you will most likely converge at coffee shops. If you are already a coffee lover, perfect! 

  • Identify the ‘Startup Ambassadors’ in your community. Learn the big names of the startup community of your area. They will help you get settled in, give a few pointers, connect you with Angel investors or VC (yes, those are two very different kinds of investors), and whatever resources they can provide.
  • Read a butt load of articles. If you’re one of those ‘I have to read a lot so that I know what people are talking about’, then checkout a few web sites like Mashable, Venturebeat, Techcrunch, Inc or whatever catches your interest. They give so much info, your brain will be on overload.
  • Create an Angel List account. Another venue to get your startup fix. Think of this as the LinkedIn of the startup world with the ability to invest in a company.
  • Finally attend Meetup events. Look at the startup Meetup groups in your area, and bring a wing person if you like.

Hope these tips help you get plugged into the wonderful world of startups.

AuthorBrandon T. Luong