Finding part-time work as young adult was no sweat. File an application, make a follow-up call and voilà- part-time job landed. Maybe it wasn’t that easy, but in college and high school I must of had a least a dozen part-time jobs.

Nowadays, not so much.

When I needed some extra cash last year, finding part-time work took time. I networked, trolled the job listings on Craigslist and Facebook, and shed some blood, sweat, and tears.

I want to take the headache out of part-time job searching. Let’s face it, life is already stressful enough. Below is a list of jobs that pay top dollar, offer flexible hours and, if you play your cards right, could lead to full-time employment.    

Sample Anyone?


Have you noticed someone handing out food samples a your grocery store? Or maybe the Corona girls giving out beer and swag at your local bar? You should! These men and women are called brand ambassadors. They’re hired by marketing and promotional staffing companies to serve up knowledge on products, and create buzz for their brands.

Perks: The hours are flexible and the job has a lot of perks like working high profile events and getting free flair. But probably the best part of the job is the exposure to vast network of professionals. Recently, I rubbed elbows the former French President! Make the right connection, and you might be saying farewell to part-time employment and hello to a corner office. In fact, I know many people who’ve landed jobs with alcohol distributors this way.

Cha-Ching: The hourly wage for this type of employment ranges from $15 - $25. Click here to find a promo agency near you.

Give Someone a Lyft

If you own a car and consider yourself a people person, you can make some major cash as a driver for Lyft. Lyft matches drivers with passengers who request rides through a smartphone app. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges payment from the passenger’s saved credit card.

Perks: At Lyft you choose when you drive, as long as it’s within operating hours. You may also be able tomake  personal and professional connections. Learn more on Lyft's website.

Cha-ching: The Lyft website says you can make up to $35/hr. Some drivers make more than $800 just driving Friday nights and weekends.

Create Your Own Part-time Work


My friend Lindsay is a true believer. An unemployed teacher and mother of two, Lindsay spends a couple nights a week using her teaching degree to tutor middle school students. So dust off the piano, tune the guitar, restring the tennis racquet, clean the paint brushes and share your knowledge for top dollar.    

Perks: You can work on your own time and make great connections!

Cha-Ching: Tutoring pays $25- $30/hour. Try checking job boards like Craigslist and your local classified ads.

Mary Poppins, At Your Service

Looking for part-time employment, look no further than childcare. I don’t know any parents who couldn’t use a night off. If you’re unemployed or seeking a new life’s direction, consider turning childcare into a full-time gig by becoming a nanny or an au pair.

Perks: Sitters enjoy flexible schedules, untaxed wages, and the opportunity to serve as a positive role model to children. Full-time nannies and au pair’s enjoy perks such as free room and board and paid vacation. Not to mention a chance to see the world.

Cha-ching:  According to, the going rate for an experienced sitter in Washington, DC for two children is $15 -$17/hr. Considering a job as nanny or au pair, check out for more on rate details.

Get Jacked and Get Paid

Okay, becoming a personal trainer or specialized fitness instructor requires cash upfront and training. But if you’ve got the bills covered and some free time on your hands, there’s a lot to gain- and we’re not just talking muscle.    

Perks: A year-around beach body, extra cash, and flexible hours. But seriously, the benefits of exercise are mind blowing. Exercise improves mood, wards off disease, and sharpens your mind.

Cha-ching: Pay is determined on experience and location. For a half-hour private TRX session in Virginia, my instructor charges $25. That’s on the low end. A boutique fitness studio I periodically attend in DC charges $60 for half hour one-on-one TRX session. Wowza!

So what are you doing for part-time work? Tell me in comments below or tweet me @GenYize. I hope you find this list helpful in your quest for part-time employment.

AuthorBecky Graham