Image via geralt

Image via geralt

Instead of talking about how the world is getting worse, I want to talk about that dress. The one that's either blue-and-black or white-and-gold. By now, most of us have seen the dress that perplexed the digital world.

Some people even tweeted how the debate was tearing their family  and friends apart. Many news sources, ranging from Buzzfeed to the New York Times have joined in the debate.

As I was looking at the dress, the only thing I thought about was how we forget what matters in life. This is not the only time social media has been filled with such triviality. Many people look at cat photos and memes, but why do people watch these internet fads? 

Thea Hamren, associate creative director of Mr. President told to Business Insider, “People from all nations, age groups and backgrounds can unite over a single cat photo because cats are both simple and mysterious.” While it makes sense that people look at cats because of their furry and cute appearance it doesn’t explain how we discuss about dress colors or cashiers. 

I talked to my friends about why they were talking about the dress meme. I felt they wanted to feel connected to the larger world. In a way, it makes sense that we pursue memes as a way to feel connected.

It requires at least two people to share something, which creates a feeling of connection. My friends felt that sharing a meme allows us to connect with others - the way media has linked people in every generation.

Connection is necessary, but it's important to step away from your screen. There is so much going on around you and being in front of a computer blocks your view.

Instead of arguing about the color of a dress, try to get involved in any extracurricular activity, go out and find someone to share a moment with. Get out and make someone have a great day - be a good friend.

The world is not going to be a great place unless you make it happen. After you read this article, find a friend or see what needs fixing. You will get the most out of spending time with loved ones - even if those cat videos make you feel connected for a little bit.

AuthorHeberto Limas-Villers