Image via Foto-Rabe

Image via Foto-Rabe

The microbusiness world is taking off online. These businesses are smaller than what most people would consider a generic “small business,” and often have a single employee - the owner.

Without the help of a team to cover various tasks, the solopreneur is in charge of administration, development, scheduling, accounting, and more!

But Millennial solopreneurs have an advantage that the older generations never had: we’re digital natives. Not only were we born into technology, we are the app developers and creators of products that allow us to best utilize our precious time.

With digital organization being nearly intuitive for us, there are hundreds of ways our business-minded brethren are staying productive. Here are a few of them:

1. We know where our time goes online

Now that our computer has replaced the entire office of the 1990s, it’s important to know which tasks we’re spending (or losing) the most time on.

Whether it’s through an app like Toggl, that allows you to manually enter how much time you spend on each project you’re billing for, or software like RescueTime, which monitors your activity and gives you a report on your productivity, we’re keeping track of where our time goes online.

2. We can access anything from anywhere

Whether it’s Dropbox, iDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Web, or other hosting services, we have multiple ways to keep track of our materials. If one device crashes, not all is lost, and we don’t have to remember to find and keep track of an external hard drive.

This has the double benefit of allowing us to access our projects wherever we are. We’re no longer limited to working on things from a single computer; we can pick up where we left off from a coffee shop on our tablets. Apps like Evernote and Google Keep also let us jot down and sync notes wherever we are, without having the full Microsoft Office suite installed.

3. We have eliminated the commute

With remote work and virtual meetings, snow days have practically become a thing of the past. Digital nomads are working from around the world, and “business casual” has morphed into PJs and yoga pants.

Without the added time and inconvenience of traveling to various meetings, we no longer need to pack a work bag with notes for each event—everything is at our fingertips.

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AuthorMallie Rydzik