Welcome to a special #EarthDay Edition of The Millennial Minute. 

When I say Earth Day what comes to mind? For me, it's a reminder to be a good steward of mother nature's provisions and to keep my environmental footprint small. If you don't have an answer or perhaps haven't given a second thought to Earth Day, this Millennial Minute is just for you.  

Millennials, the choices we make every day are impacting the environment.

Don't believe me just look around you:  


Across the US, drought conditions are intensifying due to climate change. Just last month drought conditions in California reached near crisis proportions forcing Governor Jerry Brown to order mandatory water use reductions.

The water problem extends beyond drought. Rampant economic growth has put a strain on our clean water supply. Over the next 5 years, 25 states will be faced with water deficits which will severely restrict residential and industrial growth. The economic repercussions for water intensive industries such as agriculture which accounts for 70% of water use worldwide will be profound. Or to put it simply, no water = no jobs, no food, and no life.  

Forests & Species:

Timber! The massive clearing of the natures forests known as deforestation is destroying the habitats of millions of species and driving climate change. If deforestation continues at its current rate, the rainforest could disappear in 100 years. 


Air pollution can effect your health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we breath on average 3,000 gallons of air a day exposing our body to ozone and particle pollutants. Constant exposure to such pollutants can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma, irritated throat, and trouble breathing. 

Take Action:

The earth will be home 9 billion in 2050 and those people will require far more water,  food, transportation and land than ever. Can our planet meet the demands? 

My answer is simple this: We can't erase the damage that has been done. However, we can take responsibility for our own actions and pledge to change our habits. Below, we've compiled 5 articles highlighting the human impact on the environment, and provided detailed information on how to take action. 

I'm confident we can save the earth from the depredation of human consumption if we each do our own part and encourage others to do so. 

Challenge: Calculate your environmental footprint below to see how you measure up. Then, tweet your results to @genYize #EarthDay.