This year, experts expect more than $34 billion through crowdfunding, more than doubling the amount raised in 2014. Last year alone, people were able to raise $440 million just on Kickstarter. Here are three ways people have used Kickstarter to change the world for the better.

1.) Andrew Morgan, The True Cost

Nine hundred backers helped raise $76,000+ and bring Andrew Morgan’s project to life. Morgan took to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to create an amazing documentary, ‘The True Cost.’ With 'The True Cost', Morgan was able to show the impact of the global clothing industry on people and the planet.

This powerful documentary has been covered by The New York Times, CNN, ELLE, Vogue, LA Times, The Guardian, BloombergWall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and many more. And just three days ago, named True Cost a "Must-Watch" film.

See it in your city today! Below is a list of some upcoming screenings.


2.) Jacqueline Ros and Team, Revolar

Earlier this year, Revolar CEO, Jacqueline Ros took to Kickstarter to raise money to bring the “world’s smartest personal safety device” to market. Just under 900 backers helped the Revolar team surpass their goal, and raise more than $83,000.

Ros came up with the idea for wearable safety device after her sister had been the victim of multiple sexual assaults. With this new device, anyone wearing it can sound an alarm, as well as connect to loved ones in their moment of need.

Pre-order it today!

3.) Shaun King, Hope Mob

Using Kickstarter to raise money for another crowdfunding site? Yep, that’s what Shaun King did. In 2012, King raised nearly $130,000 from 950 generous backers on Kickstarter to create HopeMob, a new kind of crowdfunding platform- one based around charitable crowd-fundraising. As King told Josh Ong of TNW, “We designed HopeMob originally with people in need in mind. Our goal was to just tell one story at a time, help one person at a time. That idea was really compassionate and it worked, but it created a logjam that we just didn’t foresee. Within a few months, we had thousands of stories in our queue waiting to be told. It was a real bottleneck.” So they opened it up to allow for multiple charitable crowdfunding causes to run at the same time.

Have a charitable cause in mind? Perhaps it’s time to start some hope and raise some funds at

AuthorKyle McCarthy