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I was walking in a park in the Dallas area, and I couldn't shake my thoughts around the power of a single voice.

I used to be incredibly jealous of businesses that had the large follower counts on social media, the huge investors backing them up, and their uncanny ability to be asked to appear on some large media outlet --like ALL the time!

Meanwhile there I was typing away on my laptop hoping for someone to just RT me.

“What did they have that I didn’t have?”

I worked hard, I hustled, and I was a good person. Why wasn’t I successful like them?

It wasn’t until I learned this concept that things started to shift for me:

Take back your power and own your voice. Build a strong internal environment.

When I started to dive deep into the power of my own voice, I also started to notice a shift in the people I was attracting and connecting with. Things started to just flow.

I wasn’t hustling and working from this fear mindset anymore. I was working from a place of deep passion and love! Inspired action came from this flow state of being.

What I have to say is important. What I have to share with this world is important. Every action I take has passion and love wrapped like a bow around it.

Confidence and Passion is a gift that this Millennial Generation has been blessed with in abundance!

We have that covered.

But what I’m going to show you next is how to cultivate that confidence and passion into strong strategies that can help you connect with almost anyone on this planet:

1. Know Your Brand

Instead of throwing out a massive net and hoping that you connect with someone, switch to imagining yourself with a fishing pole.

This concept is incredibly counter-intuitive to the Big Marketing world, but when reaching out to Top Influencers: quality is better than quantity.

Be conscious about what messages your brand represents and seek out influencers that would vibe with it.

There will definitely be more synergy and possible collaborations/business opportunities when you’re conscious of your brand and other people’s brands.

Quick Tip: When I wanted to ignite a large brand to launch a Millennial Thought Leaders Conference, I was incredibly strategic and aware about what I was capable of doing.

I first reached out to a millennial author in the self-help field (I run a positive marketing agency in the self-help and wellness field), inspired that person around the idea, and then leveraged that interaction to inspire a large brand to support & launch a Millennial Thought Leaders Conference. I did that within the span of a couple of tweets.

2. Take Time to Build a PR Strategy First

When targeting influencers, so many people instantly think that they have to reach out to Oprah or Forbes Magazine when they're first starting out.

Think of reaching out to influencers as rock climbing.

You could stretch yourself to reach to the rock at the top and over exert yourself, or you can start where you are and deeply grow along the journey to the top.

There are plenty of influencers of all social clouts that you can connect with.

Quick Tip: Sometimes there are social media accounts that have a low follower account, but are well networked and are growing fast. I call them "Sleeping Giants."

3. Social Media, Skype Calls, E-mails Are Best When Used Together

E-mail is great, but things get lost in email AND since it's so personal and private, there's no pressure to respond.

Reaching out via social media puts you in front of the brand/person you are reaching, and there’s more pressure to respond.

To take it up another notch, I try whenever I can to get the other person on a Skype Call/ Video Call. It doesn’t have to be long (and it really shouldn’t). I do this because I know that presence is powerful.

It’s one thing to read a tweet or article from someone. It’s another see that same person talking, laughing, and genuinely caring.

Leverage a mixture of social media, skype, and email for best results.

Quick Tip: If you’re on Instagram utilize the Instagram Direct Message. I’ve been able to reach some pretty impressive people by sending an inspiring quote with a strong call-to-action. Don’t be spammy though.

4. Be Respectful of Their Time and Be Yourself

Something important to keep in mind when reaching out to influencers is to: be yourself and be respectful of the other person’s time.

How are you helping THEM?

That’s the focus.

Quick Tip: If I’m reaching out to, I’m going to send them a short one to two thank you sentence, word count, and a well edited list post that is for the mindbodygreen audience with my bio at the end.

  • I’m showing that I understand their audience and I created content that they are looking for
  • I’m being respectful of their time by including the word count, pre-editing, pasting the article into the message (DO NOT ATTACH A WORD DOC), and keeping my message short, sweet, and to the point.

When they receive my article all they have to do is approve and publish it. They don’t have to edit it, they don’t have to send another message asking for a bio and hi-res photo. They don’t have to open the message and wonder how long it’s going to take them to read it.

How are you helping the other person?

There’s an amazing Dale Carnegie Quote that explains this concept perfectly, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

It’s also amazing how much a giving energy can surprisingly give back to you.

From being genuinely interested in other people and brands, I’ve received guest blogging opportunities, job offers, and made amazing and inspiring friendships with people I had only dreamt of being friends with.

There is power in a single voice, if you know how to cultivate it.