By Sierra Morris, Staff Writer 

For the career-minded millennial living a fast-paced lifestyle, taking the time to sit down and read books about managing finances, entrepreneurship, health & wellness, and professional development isn't always easy. Below I've compiled a list of 8 business-centered podcasts that gave me some practical advice and didn't put me to sleep. 

Ted Talks Business – if you’re a visual learner (like me) and you also want to find a career you love, make a difference in the world, and create a business with a mission that’s more important than the profit, TedTalks Business is probably-definitely for you. In approximately 20 minutes or less, professionals share their stories in video format for your viewing pleasure. 

Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life – straight-forward financial advice from Laura Adams that can help you get a jumpstart on managing your credit, contribute to your 401k, and pay off your debt. Understanding your money is a constant process, and Laura's podcast archive is sure to feature topic that's relevant to the financial situation you're currently handling. 

Joblogues – childhood best friends Joymarie and Cortney interview millennials making waves in the business world in an honest, colorful, and informative way with a mix of full-length and “minisodes” that cater to a variety of listeners.

From Rags to Niches – JR Rivas interviews people from all walks of life that overcame their hardships and built their careers from the bottom-up, perfect if you're in a motivational-slump.

Entrepreneurs En Vogue -  scientist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and pageant queen, Iman Oubou, hosts this podcast featuring young, female entrepreneurs from around the world.

Millennial Money – money management advice from Shannah Compton Game; tips on how to budget, save, invest, boost your credit score and more geared towards millennials. The ever relevant question “After I graduate, should I save money or pay off my loans?” is answered on this podcast that features episodes that are the appropriate amount of time for your morning commute.

The Good Life Project – a motivational take on the importance of finding your purpose, balancing business with pleasure, and health/wellness as they relate to success, Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project interviews people that seek to be happy as much as they seek to be successful in the business world. - another podcast geared toward the entrpreneur that wants to make a change, is entertaining, honest, and relatable from the outset. These episodes are a bit on the lengthy side, so folding some laundry or exercising while you listen is the way to go. 

Whatever goal you're currently trying to accomplish in your professional life, there's most-likely a podcast for it. For more listening options, you can visit: Her AgendaMaptive, and 100 Must Reads