You got the interview, dressed the part, aced it. What’s next? Celebrate at happy hour? Yes and no. What you need to do now is get out the ole pen and paper and show off those manners. I am talking thank you notes.  Real, snail-mailed, thank you notes.

So, why commit pen to paper when the job you hope to land involves digital?  To stick out from the similarly qualified, well-coifed and curated masses, that’s why! After an interview, you should be sending thoughtful, personal and timely notes to each and every person you interviewed with. In case your ballpoint is a little rusty, here are my tips for great a thank you note:

Tip 1: Start with great paper ; get a box of simple, stylish, notes.

Tip 2: No silly stamps, Forever Stamps will work just fine.

Tip 3: Take your notes, your stamps and the address of the place you interviewed with you.

Tip 4: Make sure you get the spelling of names and titles correct. All your good work could be destroyed by a small misspelling. If you get hung up, check the firm’s site, LinkedIn and if all else fails, call the receptionist.

Tip 5: Use your best penmanship. You want to make sure that they can read your note and your return address.

Tip 6: In the note, thank the person for seeing you, mention something specific that you discussed and reiterate your excitement on the prospect of working with them.

Tip 7: Send them immediately. Your note loses impact if too much times passes, so send your note on the way home from the interview. The interview will be fresh in your mind and you will be the most authentically enthused.

Tip 8: Don’t get it twisted…you will be will still need to send a brief email to each interviewer within 24 hours but your paper thank you note could be just the thing to land you that gig.

Now you can head to happy hour.