Opportunity for higher education took another blow this month when Republican state legislators completely cut funding for the largest community college districts in Arizona. State educators are shocked by the decision to fully eliminate support for the Pima and Maricopa community college systems as well as the choice to reduce funding for other higher learning institutions in Arizona.

Defending their actions, the legislators from the Arizona Republic stated “The deeper higher-ed cuts appear tied to Republican legislative leaders’ rejection of a $6 or $7 increase in auto registration fees at the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

Apparently in Arizona, saving car owners $7 is more important than supporting the education of those who cannot afford public or private intuitions as it is. This awful verdict is just another example of the paradox that is college education. Workers are expected to have degrees, but the means of earning one has become more expensive and more difficult than ever. Unable to land a specialized job or pay for their education, people often seek out community college, which is more affordable and flexible than public or private universities.

Most kids are told that going to college is the key to success, but the challenge to attend is getting ridiculous and sadly, certain legislators don’t seem to mind interfering with the education or success of Americans.

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