After a day-long shopping trip to find a nude bra that matched her golden brown skin tone, Rae Wynn-Grant and her best friend Alex Sutty came up empty handed. It was clear that retailers had a close-minded “one nude fits all” mentality. Instead of accepting the existing insufficient lingerie options, the two friends approached this gap in the market as a great opportunity to make a radical change in the availability of modern basics for women of all colors. Buff You Intimates was founded in 2014 in response to a very real need amongst their circle of educated, diverse, and ambitious friends who want their personalities to show through – not their underwear.

Wynn-Grant and Sutty are midway through an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign to bring Buff You to life. Giving supporters the ability to donate money or pre-order intimates, the founders are working to reach their campaign goal of $20,000 by Friday September 11, 2015. Buff You products come in four colors, developed through market research, and are made with highly-technical components. Bras and underwear are moisture wicking, breathable, and virtually weightless. Those interested in changing the view on nude can support their efforts here -

“Millions of women want something more tailored to their own skin tones,” Sutty says. “Our lingerie will quickly become the professional woman’s armor. The right bra can make or break a look, whether it’s crisp and qualified for the office or sleek and sexy for our best friend’s birthday bash. It’s a confidence builder that takes the worry out of getting dressed.”

Wynn-Grant and Sutty are focused not only on empowering women of all skin tones, but also supporting those less fortunate. Buff You Intimates has partnered with Women In Need (Win) shelter in New York City to provide properly fitting undergarments to the homeless women they serve. Homeless women often sacrifice their own needs in order to clothe their children, so Wynn-Grant and Sutty decided that for every $100 donation or bra/undies combo purchased on IndieGoGo, they will donate a similar undergarment to Win. The founders simply state, “when we help one woman, we help all women.”

Although still in its infancy, Buff You Intimates is already disrupting the fashion industry by challenging the view on nude as well as uplifting women in less fortunate circumstances.

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