By Nick Salacki, Staff Writer

Less is more.

A phrase first made popular by German-American Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to describe his modern architectual style is now a global movement.

The movement, more commonly referred to as  Minimalism, defines an approach to life that focuses on owning fewer things, decluttering your space and mind, and prioritizing spiritual and personal growth. It's attracting followers of all ages, genders and cultures. And it's becoming especially popular among my generation (millennials) - a generation whose purchasing power has become severely limited by sky-rocketing college tuition, ballooning student loan debt and depressed wages.

The minimalist lifestyle requires sacrifice and laser focus. Admittedly, this is hard for americans. We tend to succumb to endless shopping trends, and we continue to follow blind leaders. However, it's more important than ever to assume this lifestyle. The world is changing faster than it has anytime in history and by focusing on what's significant you'll enjoy life more fully.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose minimalism.

1. Less Stress

When you have less stuff in your space and on your mind, you're able to focus on the more important aspects of life. Your thoughts eventually become less cluttered as a result.

2. Willingness & Drive

With less stuff holding you back, you can focus more on your priorities and destinations, literally and figuratively. This will build into a second nature of entrepreneurial ventures within your professional and personal life.

3. More Friends

Living with less can grant you more time and more chances to make new friends, building your networking skills, and more time to keep in contact with the ones you already have.

4. See the World

Material possessions lose their luster quickly and once accumulated ground us. Knowing this, minimalists ditch the goods and spend their money on enriching experiences such as travel. 

5. A Healthier Mind & Body

Keeping your body in shape is known to be important to self-identified Minimalists (and honestly, it should be to everyone else). By freeing up space in your mind and your daily activity, your brain will also perform at a higher level.

6. An Attitude of Gratitude

Minimalism forces us to recognize and appreciate life's highs and lows. And that attitude is certainly contagious. 

7. Concern with the Welfare of Others

We're hard-wired for empathy; however, many us have trouble acting unselfishly. By eliminating life's excess, we become sensitive to the needs of others. Imagine what a world full of minimalists could accomplish?   

Before You Go: Take The First Step

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a change like this in life. Lack of motivation or being in a state of denial may be the cause. The truth is starting is the hardest part. Just start with your closet. If that’s too much, choose a drawer. Sort between what you regularly use and the non-essentials. Be smart. Donate what you can and throw away the rest. Eventually, it becomes a domino effect.

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