By Becky Graham, @beckyleegraham

For some time now, there has been a wide gap between the earnings of men and women, with female full-time workers earning between 79 cents on a dollar to what a man earns annually.

To combat this, women must empower themselves in the workplace, and take a stand against misogynistic supervisors.

One way to do this is through negotiation. Jacqueline Twillie, millennial career and leadership expert and author of the Amazon-bestseller Navigating the Career Jungle: A Guide for Young Professionals, is on a mission to help millennials and women improve this skill in the workplace.

In an interview with GenYize’s Becky Graham, Twillie provided tips for self-improvement in this area:

B: Who is Jacqueline Twillie? And from where did this passsion for helping women negociate their worth derive? 

J: I have a background in marketing and sales working for organizations like Victoria’s Secret, AT&T, and Gannet. I’ve also worked for several years in Global Health as a program operations assistant at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. Through my relationship with Levo League, I learned about the gender wage gap and the fire was lit for me to empower women to understand their value and negotiate for what they are worth. I think it’s ridiculous that women on average earn 79 cents compared to what a non-Hispanic white male earns in 2016 and I’m on a mission to change that.

B: Who do you work with?  

J: I work with millennial women when they get job offers, at performance review time, and when they’re negotiating deals for their side hustle. I’ve worked with Deloitte's Women’s Initiative as well as major universities preparing women to further their leadership through negotiations.

B: What are the most common reasons why your clients were scared to ask for more?

J: The most common reasons why my clients were scared to ask for more is because they didn’t want to be rude, they didn’t know they could ask, and they didn’t know how to ask for what they wanted.

B: How can our readers begin to earn their worth? What steps they could take? Are there any tricks of the trade?

J: (1) Begin to earn your worth by doing research.

Talk to people in your industry and find out what’s the market rate for a person in your position with the same educational background and work experience. Additionally, check out the PayScale and glassdoor to find out how much you should be earning in your city.  

(2) Keep track of your accomplishments.

Think about ways you go above and beyond to get your job done. What do you do better than anyone else? Did you find a way to save the company money or take the lead on a new initiative? If so, that’s leverage to take to the table when you ask for an increase in salary.

(3) Practice.

Before you speak to your boss prepare what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. You don’t want to come off as bossy or entitled.  Practice with a friend. Anticipate that there will be questions, so think of possible answers.

(4) Ask and discuss your value.

Once you’re armed with the market rate (salary) then articulate ways you add value to your employer, talk about what you want in terms of what’s in it for the team and the organization.

As far as tricks of the trade are concerned, Twillie suggests the following five tips:

(1) Do as much research as possible
(2) Listen more than you speak
(3) Don’t cut the other person off from speaking
(4) When things aren’t going your way, take a bathroom break
(5) Don’t lose your cool

With these tips, millennial women will be well on their way toward equal pay in modern corporate America. To learn more about about the gender wage gap click here or watch Jacqueline Twillie and GenYize Founder Becky Graham discuss negociation strategies and what the gender pay gap means for millenial women below. 

AuthorThornton McKinney