Add some substance to your inbox one click at a time...

Add some substance to your inbox one click at a time...

Have you ever wished you could joyfully check your email without repeatedly moving everything (all those coupons and deals to stores you’ve been to once) to spam? Do you want to exit your inbox smarter than when you entered? Well, you’ve come to the right place; allow us to give you the top Email Newsletters that will fill your inbox and your life with substance.


Simplicity at its finest, these are the thoughts that come to mind when thinking about NextDraft by Dave Pell. This minimalistic news letter is clear and organized when it comes to listing those “need to know” events and happenings. NextDraft also makes it extremely easy for you to share with you social media friends by headlining Twitter, and Facebook links under each post. Subscribe Here.

Think Clearly

The best way to explain Think Cleary is to compare it to a pen pal in your email. This handwritten newsletter is one of the most unique in the market. It will change the scenery of your inbox from looking at that same computer processed emails, to something that appears authentic and personal. Subscribe Here.


Nothing will give you a wake up call like TheSkimm. Seriously. This newsletter has a distinct way of taking the news and making it plain, it’s like having a best friend or sister summarize everything that’s happening in the news. They pull out the major points and keep the topics discussed short and sweet with a sense of humor. Subscribe Here.


If you find yourself drawing diagrams on napkins at restaurants, or drawing pictures to understand concepts, visual learners, this email news letter is for you. A version of those classic Sunday morning cartoons, combined with news and current events. Sketchplanations is a newsletter that is built to keep your attention and keep you coming back for more. Subscribe Here.

This newsletter hones the logo “Awesome Women = Serious Business”. caters to business women and their careers.  This email newsletter is a supportive ecosystem for women to further expand their knowledge and find support from like minds. Now this newsletter is not meant to scare off male counterparts, in fact it would be a great addition in their inbox as well. Subscribe Here.

The Art of Non-Conformity

This newsletter by Chris Guillebeau is one way to add true spontaneity to your inbox. This letter is irregularly scheduled and full of ways and methods to live your best life without conforming to the powers that be. Guillebeau traveled from 2002-2013 and recorded his journey in his blog and newsletter. Follow along and learn some unconventional ways to make your life more exciting. Subscribe Here.

We hope we have helped you start adding some splash to your inbox! Let GenYize know what you're favorites are on Facebook and Twitter! Happy Reading!

AuthorNycea Patterson