By Hannah Graham, Managing Editor

By Hannah Graham, @H_Graham5

Let’s face it, a shift has begun. According to the Pew Research Center, more than one-in-three American workers are millennials; which has now surpassed Generation X.  With 53.5 million strong millennials in the workplace, it’s no better time than now to embrace this power.

Most organizations have the responsibility of fostering millennial talent and unleashing a refreshed mindset to take their business to the next level of efficiency and relevance. To make such a shift not only requires a renewed mindset, but with a millennial mindset.

A millennial mindset should not be wasted. We, millennials are the next generation to lead, and our experiences are based in many current technological and environmental trends.  Highlighted below are 4 ways to foster our millennial talents and mindset.

Develop Depth Experiences:

As many of us already know, depth of experience only happens through the act of doing work. It is not inherited, practice, practice, practice is the only way. Most millennials experience this throughout their lives. We are not hired because we do not have the experience, yet we are unable to get the experience without being hired. It is a very frustrating and never ending cycle.

To develop the experience, millennials need get involved in companies’ cross-function teams to broaden our interest and capabilities. It also helps with filling the cross-generational experience gap and providing us the feeling of meaningfulness and belonging within that company.

Enhance Empathy of Self & Others

You may not know, but empathy is the new required leadership skill. Understanding team members, partners, customers, and other stakeholders help businesses build better products/services, solve problems more efficiently, and provide smoother transition in meeting its’ goals. It is time for millennials to embrace empathy.

Empathy needs to be effectively relayed to help communication and positive actions. Learning how to be more empathic not only helps you feel more connected to others but also, it shows you how to communicate that feeling. While a non-judgmental attitude and openness to hear the other individual is the key to feeling empathic, your response is the most vital part of communicating empathy in a way that benefits both sides.  Developing or enhancing our empathy begins with self-awareness.  Only then will this make our work more meaningful and motivational.

Strengthen Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is the lifeblood of any organization. How people navigate ambiguity and change is the difference between growth and decline. We, millennials, lean towards being active problem solvers, and we need to continue this.

Now depth of experience is involved in this as well. For instance, if you watch anything on the cooking channel, they always discuss the different layers of flavors developed in a dish. Problem solving skills advance with different levels (flavors) of difficulty.  As new employees is up to us to keep practicing this skill. There are many online programs and methods of problem solving to help keep our problem solving at its’ highest peak. For example: Mindtools

Get Mentors:

Millennials are among the most confident employees in the workforce, armed with the knowledge that age is no longer a prerequisite to our success. Mentoring is often discussed, but rarely done well. Millennials should have conversations with different generations. You can receive expert advice. Not only on their thoughts, but advice from their own personal experiences. Consulting with a mentor can be a great way to gain a different perspective on a problem you may have. It’s easy to get caught up with your own ideas to the point of confusion and second guessing yourself. Having a mentor with all that experience likely comes with a vast network of connections.  If you need help with finding a mentor, there are companies designed to help find you one. With mentors, we will be one more step closer to embracing and enhancing our millennial power.

So, the shift has begun. Are you ready to embrace your millennial power?