Fall is approaching fast, and the excitement from summer will soon settle and internships are an awesome way to welcome the Fall breeze. Why Fall internships? Well they are less competitive than Summer internships, and they also allow you to network while securing what your plans will be in the Summer.  According to a 2012 survey of HR professionals, managers, and executives from 50,000 employers,  they believe having an internship holds the highest weight when picking a recent graduate for employment.

Now, finding the perfect internship is not an easy feat, but have no fear, GenYize is here with the most insightful internship websites to help your search.

Lauren Berger’s InternQueen.com

The InternQueen has created a collective database for all things internship. Easily filter the type of internship you want, whether in the Fall or Spring, or what location you would like for it to be in. InternQueen also lists internships in various fields in the hippiest industries from Advertising to Hospitality. But the one thing that makes the InternQueen stand out from the rest is the versatility of the site. Lauren Berger has a created a blog devoted to all things business. Topics include; ‘7 Guidelines on Blogging You Should Always Remember’, and ‘How to stand out in a Group Interview or a Casting Call’, to name a few.  The InternQueen reigns when it comes to the internship search. In fact, the InternQueen is bringing a night of networking and fun to New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago later this month. Click for more information on the #InternQueenParty.  

Check it Out Here: http://www.internqueen.com/internships

The Muse

The Muse is an American job board founded as “Company Muse” by Kathryn Minshew, Alex Cavoulacos and Melissa McCreery in February 2012. The Muse helps connect millennials to companies such as, Uber, Zappos, The Gap, HBO, Dropbox and Facebook to name a few. What makes The Muse different is the in depth approach on preparing for an interview and preparing you for what’s to come. You’ll be able to take an inside look and browse various offices, to see different environments and what they offer, which is something not many job search websites offer. The Muse is an all encompassing site that surely won’t disappoint.

Check it Out Here: https://www.themuse.com/

Absolute Internship

absolute internship.jpg

Absolute Internship stands out from the rest because it provides world class internships for the millennial that desires to go abroad! Absolute Internship matches talented university students and graduates with international work experiences in elite cities around the world. The networking connections you make through Absolute Internship will truly last a life time. Absolute Internship offers work in over 20 industries, and specializes in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, and Singapore. Absolute Internship will have you packing your bags in no time.

Check it Out Here: http://absoluteinternship.com/



Glassdoor was founded in 2007 and based in Sausalito, CA, Glassdoor gets its internship listings from several sources, including company websites, partnerships with job boards and directly from employers. But what makes Glassdoor stand out from the rest is the ability to give insight to salaries for various careers.  It’s an easy way to specify what you want in a career and what you would like to aim for. It provides an interface that allows you to compare different careers and choose the path that is best for you!

Check it Out Here: http://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm


intern chegg.jpg

Internships is a service sponsored by Chegg, the famous text book resource site. What makes internships stand out is its big numbers! It offers 100,000 listings from 60,000 employers. Another big plus about this site is it’s interconnection with social media, it allows you to see which one of your Facebook friends is connected to which company. There aren’t many sites that have the ability to connect your friends’ resumes with other companies, so this certainly is a plus. If you aren’t sure where you belong this fall, but know you need the experience, the site offers an Internship Predictor quiz that will also allow you to figure things out!

Check it Out Here: http://www.internships.com/student

Any of these websites can work in leading you to that perfect fall internship, whether you decide to go near or far, these sites will surely set you on the path towards success. Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram @GenYize and let us know what you’re doing to find the perfect Fall Internship!

AuthorNycea Patterson