As a creative, your mind is constantly racing with ideas. Every year, you probably go through the process of choosing a word, setting some resolutions, and establishing specific goals for your business. Then, you find yourself putting your head down and getting to work. But ultimately, you’re going to encounter a few distractions or “shiny objects” that can steer you off track. Shiny objects come in many shapes and sizes, but you’ll want to look out for the following:

  • The ones that seem to be a great new business idea
  • Shiny objects that put you in the mindset of following everything that’s going on in the market and
  • Shiny objects that are off brand and not aligned with your business goals.

Go For Goals

One of the steps that you’ll want to take is to identify your main goals. When you take this step, you’re able to identify the potential distractions as they begin to take shape. For example, creating a brand guide that outlines elements such as your core values, your brand promise, and your ideal client and customer profile, will help you to make the right decision when it comes to implementing a new product or service within your business, implementing a new campaign, or developing and executing a new strategy.

And The Survey Says

Sometimes, you may have an idea that is a great one - you’ll go through the process of developing and launching it, but in the end it could be a waste of your valuable time. Why? Because it is not an idea that is aligned with your business goals to begin with. Validate  your ideas through tools like Amazon Surveys, Blog posts, requesting feedback in masterminds that you are a part of, and using social media to speak to your audience. It’s important to avoid shiny objects that provide no value to your audience or your brand and business.  

Be The Captain Of Your Own Ship 

Another shiny object you may encounter is the one that tells you that what you’re doing is not relevant. And, that to be relevant, you need to be doing what everyone in the market is doing. You are the captain of your own ship! It is not necessary to use certain jargon or launch an e-course or program because that’s what everyone else is doing. If it isn’t authentically you, don’t do it! Build a brand and business that you are comfortable with and your audience will be comfortable too.

It’s important to remember that we all have different goals, strengths and vision for our businesses. While it’s okay to find inspiration through others and to aspire to be like the people we admire, we all have our own journey and our own dreams to manifest.

Be The Tortoise, Not The Hare

And, be careful to avoid the shiny objects that tell you must pursue the ideas and activities that aren’t the best fit. If you’re feeling the pull of a new offering or you believe that rebranding and changing your business name will bring your dream clients to you, don’t do it - at least not right away. Take the time to assess your feelings and find the logic. All things are not right for your brand and business. Entrepreneurship gives us all the ability to try different things; to turn an idea into reality and to provide content, products, and services that our audiences love. But, it’s important that what we’re dreaming up and choosing to implement are in line with our business goals and the vision we have for our business.

As you can see your brand is a big piece of your business and the two work in tandem when it comes to your success, especially with the way that you relate to your audience and provide value to them. By taking the time to intentionally define your brand goals and create a brand guide that you can refer to, you’re much more equipped to notice when you’re being distracted, and then make decisions that will take your business where you want it to go!

Take Action

Start thinking about what distracts you from your brand and business goals. Create your own brand guide to help you make decisions that are aligned with your brand and your business. And remember, you can create your own path - you don’t need to follow anyone elses roadmap.Be selective when it comes to your brand and business.

AuthorKeizra Tyson-Griffin