It can often feel like you are standing still at work. Paddling like mad just to stay afloat and watching other people swoop effortlessly past to secure promotions, pay rises and an actual office. So what are you doing wrong? You have the right degree, the right background, a good work ethic. Why are you being overlooked? The answer is that there is more to getting ahead in the world of work than just good credentials. Here are our top three tips to securing that promotion.

1. Get Experience

Climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder in your twenties is a difficult task, made harder by the amount of other young people swarming the lower rungs with you. With more graduates on the market than ever before, employers have their pick of the very best people from the very best universities. You need something that is going to make you stand out, that will make your C.V scream for an interview and will give you lots of valuable experiences to lean on as you climb to the top.

A year working for an agency in a variety of different environments can be a great option. It is important that you pick the right agency if you want it to enhance your C.V;  otherwise it might look like a blip and imply you weren’t sure where you were going. For example, a chef could try this chef agency in London, which supplies staff to high-end restaurants. After a year with them, he would have experience working with renowned industry leaders, famous employers and specialists. He would be able to claim a wealth of experience that would set him apart from other people of a similar age.

2. Stand Out

Of course, you might not want (or be in a position) to take a year to gain experience. If you are looking to move through the ranks in your existing role and you are great at your job and dedicated to the company, there are plenty of other ways to ensure you get ahead. Standing out from the crowd is a great way to get the attention of management and prove your commitment to the company. Be the person who organizes fundraisers, social gatherings and charity events. This shows that you are a dedicated team player who can take on more responsibility and juggle lots of projects.

3. Network

It’s all very well eating three meals a day at your desk and being on first name terms with the cleaners, but those are not the connections that will help you get ahead. There is still some truth to the adage ‘It’s not who you know, but what you know’ so make sure you know the right people. Use work parties and gatherings as networking opportunities, not an excuse to blow off steam. Make sure you introduce yourself to the directors and executives of the company and forge friendships amongst middle management. You want to be the first person someone thinks of when a promotion does become available. You also want senior management to be able to identify you as that smart, charming professional from the Christmas party. Not the girl who danced on the table until she fell off.

This was originally published at Miss Millennia Magazine

AuthorJasmine Watts