By Brandon Luong, @BrandonTLuong 

Injustice is everywhere and comes in various packages no matter where you turn. It may affect you slightly or greatly depending on the cards life dealt, but should that be the definitive variable prescribing the your entire theatrical life? You’ll see people bitch, moan, complain and even accelerate the problem, not taking any action to alter the destination. They take it face value, and accept it. Then there are others who seize the adversity for improvement and growth to show things can change if given the proper time and effort, including to disavow those who quit too early. Which side do you lay?

Plights should not define who you are, but where you’re going.

Whether the challenge is increasing the number of people of color into higher education, rattling the wealth gap or educating teens on teenage pregnancies, you’ll always need a crew and a plan to grasp victory.

Find a cause you’re passionate about

Remember when all the teachers and people surrounding Richard Clark (Jon Lovitz) told him to quit and simply fight for survival in High School High? Yet Richard defied the status quo, and pulled up his big boy pants to alter the students’ bleak future, even if he only had a 18% success rate (I think he had 6 out of 33 students graduate). Having the fervor preps you for a marathon rather than a sprint, and is contagious to other parties who may be in the same boat or helping the ship.

Fighting the obstacle without this fuel can leave you beaten and battered as tackling the problem is not a quick turnaround, often draining and very heartbreaking. Another hindrance for others is I am not part of this demographic so how could I assist is one I’m quite familiar. Not originating from the problem doesn’t mean you don’t see the problem, and holding an authentic desire for the change will overcome it. Plus, being an outsider at times can help bring a new perspective on attacking the problem

Be the catalyst for change.

Build The Group

Running solo on passion alone can only take you so far, but a strong crew can execute the mission better and further. You may be surprised by how many others may be facing a similar dilemma, and only need one person to spark the thread. Scout for others fitting the objective of the core principle to levitate the entire operation. If there is no structure in place, such as a group, meet up or company, then find other like-minded folks and build the infrastructure for it.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Another option would be to join existing groups that has a similar mission as to continue the progression. If you discover you don’t align or fit the organization, either steal the reins, or start your own. If possible, I would prefer taking over a group instead of creating a new one as starting new stuff is a big pain in the ass

Create an actionable plan

Strategy. Execution. Analysis. Repeat.

Those four words go the distance. First, have a strategy in place as to what the end goal is. Next is the actual how things will be done with metrics on the side, execution. A strong call to action is recommended so the target audience understands the gang’s aspiration. I would also leave wiggle room in both strategy and execution in case things go sideways, the only thing anyone can guarantee. Getting stuck and stump sucks, so having the ability to change things is ideal. Then analyze why something happen the way it did. Lastly, repeat that god awful process to constantly push the envelop over and over.