Did you know your workspace is affecting your health? As we’ve been discussing all week, not only is sitting all day taking a drastic toll on your overall health, but your workspace is damaging your posture and alignment. Most office spaces are not set up correctly. I’ve been going into people’s workspaces and helping to lessen the burden of poorly placed office furniture, computer monitors, keyboards, etc. The difference a few inches can make is astounding. Here are my 3 best tips for a DIY office space makeover!

1.) Where are you looking?

  • If your monitor is not placed correctly, you’ll spend your day with a strained neck. A few severe headaches will help you understand that a correctly placed monitor makes all the difference. Your monitor should be at eye level. So place a book under it or go big by investing in a moving desk (see earlier post…”GET UP, STAND UP”).

2.) Where are your arms?

  • Your keyboard has a lot to do with the way your entire upper quadrant takes a load as you work. If your keyboard is too far away, you’ll be reaching to type, throwing off your posture. Bring your keyboard closer, pull your shoulders down your back and squeeze your elbows into your sides. (TIP: I encourage everyone that works with a laptop to get an additional keyboard. If your hands and gaze are that close together, there is no way you’re in proper alignment!)

3.) What’s going on with your pelvis?

  • If you’re sitting, what are you sitting on? Do you have lumbo-pelvic support? Make sure you have a supportive chair with a high enough back and supportive seat. Even better, stand up for a while and give that butt a break!!

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