By Jasmine Watts 

This post brought to you by Soffe. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Miss Millennia Magazine.

I like to think that I have a long relationship with exercise. I have valued it since I was 12 years old and have always been excited about the newest way to work out. I have tried Running, Yoga, Boot Camps, Zumba, Hip-Hop Dance, Pilates, Weight-lifting and even 5k fun runs. I am never one to turn my head to an exciting way to burn some calories. Plus I believe working out just feels good physically and mentally. Nothing feels better than the way you feel right after you finish a very hard workout. I tend to pat myself on the back after a rather strenuous workout.

However, I have noticed that in my life, I have had long periods of time where I just don’t workout at all-which is perplexing to me since I actually enjoy working out. But sometimes, I just lose the motivation to get up and go. Mostly due to my lifestyle becoming a little more busy.

Despite this, I have noticed something throughout my life when it comes to working out. When I am working out consistently, I am more likely to get up and go, even when I do not feel like it, if I am going with a group.

My Theory why group exercise works

So, I realized that I workout better in groups. My personal theory as to why group exercise works is simple; I don’t want to let my friends down so I show up even when I really don’t want to workout that day. Once I am there, my friends motivate me to work harder than I probably would on my own. And at the end of my workout, I am feeling so full of endorphins and glad that I decided to come. Once I realized that I enjoy working out in groups, it changed my world. I have not had a long stretch of time where I did not workout. But I was really blown away once I realized that my theory was actually proven.

My theory Proved by Soffee

I was thrilled to say the least when I came across the following infographic from an athletic brand called Soffe. When I saw the stat that read “87% feel they accomplish more and push themselves farther when working out with a friend or in a group,” it all made sense. I noticed after seeing this; that I not only felt better working in groups when it came to working out, but in general life. I am not a lone wolf by any means-I grew up in a house with 6 sisters. But I never realized that this group mentality was something that many women felt outside of myself. I was also very moved by Soffe as a brand for focusing on the collective strength in women and encouraging many of them achieve their goals as a team. Their slogan is called “The Strength is in Us,” which I just LOVE! I love it when I find a brand that just gets it. I am all for supporting a company that promotes women in such a positive way. So, I just had to try them out!

My experience with Soffee

So I was able to try a pair of athletic leggings and a tank top from Soffee and I was so excited once my package arrived. They fit great and I love the design on the pants. One thing I really liked about the clothes is that not only were they really soft and comfortable, but they had a very slimming affect to them. Did I mention the clothes are super cute? I know I said that working out in a group motivates me to workout, but looking cute in the gym, also helps. I could not wait to wear these in the gym. And the very best part is that their clothes were affordable. You could get a full ensemble for under $50 on their site. Yeah, I have to say I really resonated with this message and brand.

So I guess all there is to say now is I told ya so! Group workouts WORK. And if you are in that funk where you cannot fathom getting up and going to the gym, than I suggest you grab a buddy and get moving. Think of it like this, hanging out with your friends is fun, and getting the benefit of exercise while being with your friends is an added bonus. This theory has worked well for me in my life and I hope that it will encourage you do what ever exercise makes you happy-but do it with a friend.


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