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One way millennials most like Greatest Generation

Coming of age in the aftermath of the financial crisis has some advantages. Millennials appear to be more sensible with their financial planning than baby boomers and Generation X. More than half of millennials, defined as people between 18 and 34 years old, have set financial goals compared with only 38 percent of Americans age 35 and older, according to a new survey by Northwestern Mutual. The survey also found that 64 percent of millennials would rather save than spend. "We are so much more like our grandparents behaviorally than our parents," said Chantel Bonneau, a millennial and financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual. Savings is a top priority for many millennials.

Companies heeding to millennials' demand for better work-life balance, USA Today reports

Millennials are demanding free meals, flex time, and many other things that help make up a better work-life balance nowadays, and employers are gradually embracing the concept. While experts say more millennials in the workforce push for the change, at least two companies in Westchester County, N.Y., -- Lockard & Wechsler Direct and Mindspark -- have heeded to the call, USA Today reports. Employees are given free meals, treated to massages, happy hours and parties celebrating holidays or personal milestones, all features appealing to millennial workers.

AuthorKyle McCarthy