Two years ago, I started Revolar, a wearable device tech company, and we recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for our first product.

Family has played an important part in my life and as an entrepreneur. This starts with my father, who frequently pushed for gender equity in every aspect of life. When others would try to tell me that I shouldn’t rock climb because “girls don’t do that,” it was my father, whom defended me. When people tried to tell me that a woman couldn’t be President of the United States- my father disagreed.

My father was a hard worker and impactful leader. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that during all his business meetings and sessions, there were no other women in the room. Today, as CEO of Revolar, I continue to follow my father’s guidance and ignore outdated gender barriers. Though progressive in many ways, the tech industry is far behind the curve when it comes to gender diversity in the workforce, especially in leadership roles. A 2013 survey by Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou found that women represented just 12% of engineers at major tech companies.

However, at Revolar, it’s different. We have an incredibly diverse team, something that I know my father would be proud to see. I often reflect back on how his lessons impact how I view the day-to-day of running a tech startup. At Revolar, our mission is to help people live free – not just through our personal safety wearable device – but through the message that women can do anything.

My sister is the second example of how family has shaped our business at Revolar. Her experiences have been the catalyst and inspiration for Revolar’s first product. She was attacked twice before the age of 17. My whole family’s heart broke to see her in pain and we felt at a loss for how to adequately support her. I wanted a way to connect with her and keep her safe in case anything ever happened again. My response was to develop a tiny wearable personal safety device that at the touch of a button allows you to reach out to your loved ones and send them your location information in under a minute.

My family was the beginning. But let me make it clear, I am here to stay with the purpose of building technology that improves the quality of life for all people. I want to change the world by empowering people with technology. My team and I are here to show the world the incredible power that is men and women working together as equal partners in mutually respectful situations.

Interested in making a difference? Check out our Kickstarter campaign for our first product. So far, more than 800 people have donated!

AuthorKyle McCarthy