By Hannah Graham, @H_Graham5

Our environment is continuing to change, whether we want to admit it or not. Natural resources are diminishing, weather is wilder, water is running low, and the bees are still vanishing

It's 2016, and the environment is an ever-growing issue. But let's be honest: until somebody sits you down and tells you what's happening, it can be hard to picture something as horrible as the collapse of the world ecosystem we need to survive. So, here's a list of 5 documentaries on Netflix that have powerful and very informative facts about the environmental issues and how people are approaching this.

Vue Du Ciel (Earth From Above):

This is truly a beautiful series that covers places from the United States to Senegal. The whole series is filled with information about the changes to our world and how humans are affecting it. As man's impact on earth and its resources reaches an all-time high, documentarian Yann Arthus-Bertrand introduces you to the innovators who are attempting to reverse the damage and rewrite a new contract with nature within their communities. The series also covers possible solutions to achieve equilibrium, balancing sustainable development, a growing population, and so much more. This is a truly inspiring documentary series of people battling to create new, innovative ways to change how people treat animals, land, and daily tasks.

More Than Honey

“More Than Honey” is a film that documents the colony collapse disorder in bee hives. The film discusses declining bee populations and puts into perspective what our world would look like without bees. Can you imagine that? A world with no bees means no fruits, vegetables, or flowers; and, worst of all, no honey. Since 2006, our yellow-and-black-striped 'frenemies' have become more and more scarce; if you want to start understanding why, this documentary is the place to start. This documentary also helps lend a hand in how you can do your part to help bring back the bees! (#Buzzworthy)

Food, INC

"Food, Inc." unveils many issues within an industry that is harmful to our environment. If you thought the way we eat today has no impact on the world, then the very popular "Food, Inc." is a must-watch. Farming is not what it used to be... Big business has taken over the food supply, and the quality of food consumed and people's overall health has suffered as a result. This documentary doesn't stop at discussing the environmental damage that comes from the food industry--it also touches on corruption (the "revolving door" between multinational corporations and the good ole FDA) and how the FDA may no longer be doing its job with its original efficiency. I am an agriculture major and I found this to be a very enlightening and inspiring documentary. Robert Kenner's research is so understandable and well-thought through, you're bound to learn something new no matter what.

Plastic Paradise

Yep, you read it right: this is an "island of garbage." While many people have heard of the island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean at some point, few have really looked at the raw size and devastating effects of the problem. The production of plastics has grown from 20 million pounds globally in 1927 to over 115 billion pounds being created in 2014 – just in the U.S

This documentary provides some much-needed factual exposure of the environmental impact of plastics and a first-hand glimpse of the continent of trash collecting in the south Pacific gyre currents. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to encompass an area from twice the size of Texas to the size of the entire continental U.S. The film brings important issues to light about plastic and explains how we are all part of the problem. The chilling images will leave you feeling motivated to make a change. 

True Cost

"The True Cost" is the scary awakening needed to inspire us to cut down on pointless consumption of cheap fashion products. "The True Cost" explores the impact the fashion industry has on the planet and the people who work in it. The film suggests that although the price of clothing has immensely declined in recent years, the true cost of clothing production has risen greatly, without consumers realizing it.

Let’s do the Earth a favor and educate ourselves. Let’s know what we can do to help lessen our harm to the planet. It’s our time to be 'solutionists.' What motivates you to make a change to help the environment?

Have you watched an environmental documentary on Netflix that you think others need to see? Leave a comment below and let us know!