A new report out titled, “Keeping Customers Happy” shows millennials have dramatically different customer preferences and expectations than older customers.

The report reveals the forms of customer services valued most by different age demographics. Millennials place a high value on personalized promotions based on purchase history, access to alternative forms of payment and companies that solicit direct customer feedback. Conversely, the most important services for customers 55-and-over are free home delivery, in-store assistance, call center support and a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. Understanding what motivates different age demographics is key to keeping customers loyal.

Another discovery was that millennials have different expectations of customer support than older customers. While 72% of Americans contacted customer support at least once in 2014, millennials were more likely to do so than people 55-and-over. Millennials contacted customer support at an annual rate of 5.24 times in 2014, compared to 3.02 times for older customers over the same period. Today’s empowered customers are willing to shop around and investigate competitive products in order to make the best purchase possible. And, they also demand good customer service when they need help.

Check out the infographic below and click HERE to read the whole report.

AuthorKyle McCarthy