In the United States, an estimated 19.3% of women have been sexually assaulted at least once during their lifetime.

For Jacqueline Ros, CEO of Revolar, this issue certainly hits close to home. Ros was motivated to develop a personal safety device after her sister was sexually assaulted twice before the age of seventeen. As Ros told Cammy Harbison of iDigitalTimes,

"I grew increasingly frustrated after my sister’s second attack...I couldn’t believe that something like that had happened again – especially so soon. It made me wish there was some way my sister could have had a ‘magic button’ to press so we could have known what was happening to her."

Jacqueline’s sister Stephanie, understandably suffering from the trauma caused by two sexual assaults, carried pepper spray whenever in public. Stephanie was homeschooled for her senior year of high school and she took her tests at a local facility for home schooled students. During one exam however, testing facilitators saw her pepper spray and gave her a failing grade on her exam, and confiscated her ‘weapon.’

With Revolar, girls like Stephanie wouldn’t have to worry about not traveling without protection. Revolar is a tiny personal safety wearable, allowing any user to alert a selected contact list with the victim's location. The device can be pinned onto clothing and features a 360-degree button, allowing for users to always be able to grip and push the button. Revolar can also be customized to produce a loud noise and to record the audio when a user activates the device.

The Revolar team has taken to Kickstarter to raise $75,000, the necessary funds to bring the world's smartest personal safety device to the public. This is an important crowdfunding campaign which deserves your dollars.

With a month left, Revolar has raised more than $50,000 and is well on their way to eclipsing their goal. Click HERE to support this important cause now.

AuthorKyle McCarthy