Lack of soft skills has become a major issue when it comes to millennials landing jobs. They have their degrees, they have their internship experience, but it all means nothing if they can’t follow simple directions or manage to problem solve. Employers take notice of this lack of soft skills right off the bat when they see that the candidate did not follow the application directions. Inability to follow directions is a major red flag and is a surefire way to get your application overlooked.

Millennials also tend to have inadequate abilities when it comes to teamwork and problem solving. Maybe it’s because group projects are such a nightmare that this generation never really learned how to successfully work with other people in school. Regardless, it’s important to be able to adapt and grow in a team environment. When it comes to problem solving, millennials are known to complain about a problem or task without using their own brains to determine a solution. Presenting possible solutions to mend a difficult situation is much more productive and impressive than asking someone else to do it for you.

The bottom line is employers are looking for common sense. Millennials need to slow down, pay attention to detail and learn to thrive amongst their coworkers if they have any shot at securing a job. It is a job after all and employers want to know that candidates are capable of communicating effectively as well as coming up with solutions when issues arise.

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