By Claudio Marseglia, @ClaudioMarsegli

Highly successful people, however you want to define success, learned to lead themselves to their goals. There are thousands of entrepreneurs leading themselves and millions of their followers towards meaningful goals all the while creating added value to society.

What if you would lead your life as an entrepreneur and lead yourself to where you want to be?

The story is...

Right after finishing high school, my best friend and I decided to go to Australia before studying at University. I planned the route to travel, told all my friends about the crazy plan and counted the days towards the ultra long-haul flight. A month before the flight, my best friend called and told me about his definite plan to cancel the trip, and to follow him and start university straight away. I held the phone tight, bit on my teeth and thanked him for the notice while disturbingly hanging up the phone.

I was thinking about what he told me and started to wonder whether I should let go my goal to travel through the continent of my dreams. Minutes, hours, days passed. I finally decided to cancel the plan. I went on the website of the flight company to reimburse my flight and was about to click the final reimbursement button, but then it struck me.

Christopher, an entrepreneur, who gave me my first book about personal development, told me about the following remarkable principle: Life is not about what other people expect of you. Life is not about following goals that are meaningless to you. Life is about your meaningful goals and about accomplishing these goals. Chase your dreams and not other people. Ultimately, I did not press the reimbursement button. I went by myself to Australia because I lead myself towards my own goal. 

Lesson Learned

When someone discourages or distracts you from your meaningful goals such as starting an marketing agency based on values, a social enterprise, or anything else you truly believe in, then you must start leading yourself. We need to create meaningful goals and lead ourselves to accomplish these goals and do not become unmotivated by nay sayers.

We need to change our mindset for the sake of our purpose. Our goals will lead us into many twists and turns. On our journey, we will meet people that believe in us and have similar goals. We will learn about the importance to lead ourselves and we will become highly successful.

Let me suggest...

Today, after school, university, work or any other activity, we must go home, take a piece of paper, write down our goals, and lead ourselves enthusiastically towards it. Tomorrow, we will be proud of ourselves and we will start teaching other people and finally the whole world to lead itself to an even better, more beautiful and much brighter innovative future together.

CCC with me. Connect. Communicate. Create.

AuthorClaudio Marseglia