Would you accept a job that had you working 24-hours a day but your pay was the same as when you worked 40 hours a week? Barring any magic job, like designated kitten petter, I bet your answer would be ‘no’. Yet that’s exactly what you do when you have your phone set up to ding when you get a work email on your phone. 

Before your workaholic heart stops, hear me out. I am not suggesting that you remove work email from your phone. In this day and age, many of us are encouraged, if not expected, to have near-constant access to our work email. 

Email addiction is real, ya’ll and your brain is plotting against you. According to a 2006 “Psychology Today” article, “getting connected [via email] actually mimics the path that a drug takes through the brain. Consequently, all the symptoms of addiction are present: there's the dopamine rush with the "ding" of an e-mail alert, and there's the twitchy e-mail withdrawal during the family vacation.”

Don’t let the ding interrupt and derail important conversations and TV binges. Protect the quality of your work/life balance and maintain email contact in a more constructive environment. Turn off the audio notification, and instead check your email on your terms. It might take a bit to break your brain of the ding addiction, but in time, you won’t miss it one bit.

AuthorRachel Folz