These days, you can’t go very far on the internet without seeing another story of a super successful entrepreneur and how their company is worth millions or even billions. With the growing popularity of podcasts, this prevalence of the sensational stories has taken over there too.

Really though, it’s not surprising. Headlines and podcast titles need to attract readers and listeners. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, it’s hard to resist something that gives you an inside look at how a millionaire was made.

These stories are indeed interesting. I personally am intrigued hearing how Mark Cuban became a billionaire or how Paypal seemingly manufactured millionaires. But these stories are only helpful to a certain extent.

Is there a problem with success stories?

Don’t get me wrong, there is A LOT to learn from the founders of companies that are huge successes, but it gets a little hard to relate. I often hear their success came from spending tens of thousands of dollars on a certain marketing channel, hiring a consultant, or securing a sponsorship.

The truth is, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have thousands of dollars with which to build their business. They maybe have hundreds or even less. For these future business owners, it’s tough to learn from someone who started with much more.

And so these early stage entrepreneurs grind it out, trying tactics that won’t break the budget. They’re essentially guessing at what will work and what won’t because they don’t hear about the lower budget tactics from people who write a 5-figure check without a second thought.

Time for something new.

I fall into this category. I’m a solopreneur bootstrapping my business. So where did I turn? My podcast app is loaded up with dozens of shows that interview successful entrepreneurs. So many, in fact, that I constantly heard the same people being interviewed on half a dozen different shows, with the same message every time.

What I didn’t have was a show that talked to people who were just like me. People still finding their way through entrepreneurship. People engaging in the delicate balancing act of becoming financially stable through self-employment, while trying not to move back in with their parents.

So I did what any entrepreneur would do; I created exactly what I wanted. The creation was the Driven To Better Podcast. A show devoted solely to interviewing early stage entrepreneurs. The goal is to give listeners a very relatable interview.

These are my people.

The people I talk with are not millionaires calling in from a yacht in the Mediterranean while on vacation. They’re most likely taking a break from their 12 hour day of work on their business. They’re grinding it out every day and the stories they share are of things that are working for them (or not working) right now.

You see, Mark Cuban made himself a millionaire over 20 years ago. Paypal was founded in 2001. Many of the things that made these founders and their companies successful most likely won’t work today. The business landscape and technology just changes too quickly.

Now you can hear a real time story of starting and growing a business. Not only do the guests offer timely advice and tactics, they also offer an even greater benefit.


The entrepreneurial road can be an extremely lonely one, especially for a solopreneur. You can feel like you have way too many problems to solve and no guidance on how to do it. Hearing from guests just like you shows that you’re NOT alone in your journey.

Be lonely no more.

There are millions of early stage struggling entrepreneurs just like you. The hard part is finding them when only the successful ones get the publicity. The Driven To Better Podcast is your solution.

As the host of the show, I’ve had the great opportunity to interview over 50 early stage entrepreneurs, many of whom felt alone at some point.

One of the most often suggested pieces of advice from these business owners is to find a support community.

Many uber-successful entrepreneurs will tell you that a key to their success was a mentor, a mastermind, or just being around a group of other entrepreneurs.

I’ve created a place to find this community in the DTB+ Club. It’s totally free and a great place to interact with others who are just getting their feet wet. After-all, when you’re an entrepreneur, you need the most help when you’re just starting out. 

Head over to to learn more. We’d love to help you start the next Paypal.