Burcu "BB" Beba

Fitness and Nutrition 

BB is a holistic health coach and nutrition entrepreneur who balances east and west, scientific and holistic approaches. Her simple, diet-free and Mediterranean approach takes the burden out of healthy living.

She is a chemical engineer by major and a veteran corporate marketing manager. While an expat wife raising their daughter in Geneva, Switzerland, her motherly instincts urged her to do something bigger in life and pursue her passion nutrition.

Moving to US, she started studying holistic health coaching. She received her Master's in nutrition and started a career.

She solved all her chronic health issues with correct nutrition and she re-shaped her outlook with delicious Mediterranean food, positive reinforcement methods and lifestyle revisions. Through her company Nutritious Mom, she has worked with many moms and Millennials to help them experience similar results.

Besides educating individuals and groups about how to upgrade their eating habits and health, she has created an eponymous healthy snacks line to help with her mission.  These days, she’s also spreading the ripple effect by helping other nutrition entrepreneurs move forward.

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Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.
— Henry Ford