Kyle McCarthy

Business Ethics, Tech, Higher Education

Kyle works in health tech in San Francisco, and also serves as an editor and the chief growth hacker at GenYize. He is also a contributor for Huffington Post,, The NationPoliticus USA, aNewDomainand several others. Kyle often writes about business ethics, politics, affordable higher education, #Tech4Good and other issues affecting Millennials. His writing has been noted by WIRED, the Good Men Project, Media Matters, MinnPost, MPR, Twin Cities Business Magazine, The Thom Hartmann Show, The Norman Goldman Show, Tavis Smiley, and others.

Kyle is also co-founder of, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fundamental reforms to the way in which higher education is paid for in America. For his work on this issue, Kyle was listed as one of "10 advocates fighting for student loan reform."

Connect with Kyle on Twitter @KyleMcCarthyism or at


Information is the currency of democracy.
— Thomas Jefferson