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"The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms." - Socrates 

Like to write? Want to invest in your millennials peers? Then, consider joining our community of writers. 
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What type of Content are we looking for?

Millennials have the unique advantage of being able to learn from one another at an unprecedented speed. The key is to communicate and share our ideas and lessons learned in dealing with the issues we struggle with as a group.

For example, John, an accomplished journalist, offers advice to aspiring communication professionals on how to land their first job in television or public relations. Maybe you’re seeking a work/life balance? Shelly as she shares the changes she’s made to have a fuller, more vibrant life.

We recommend our writers keep it conversational and whenever possible directly applicable to ones daily life. The objective is to share our ideas and views but also tips and directions. Try to keep in mind that no one wants to be talked at. The best writers are those who can relate to their audience.

What if I’m new to blogging?

That’s ok. We still want to give people with interesting and valuable experiences the opportunity to share! Blogging is a unique form of writing so we encourage you to take a look at the links below to get your game up!

How do I submit my work?

Below you’ll find a submission form. Fill out the form in full, review the terms of service, and click submit. Please give us a couple weeks to get back to you.     

How do I know if my work is selected?

We will notify you via email, and that time we’ll request some additional information. See terms of service for more information.

What is the commitment for writing for GenYize?

Writing shouldn’t be a burden, so when you contribute is entirely up to you. However, those posting bi-weekly or monthly will benefit from increased exposure on our website and our social media outlets. Should you be interested making this a regular gig (writing for GenYize weekly or working on a series), please contact GenYize.